Professional Wedding Photoshoot in details

wedding photographerQuite often I answer the following questions while being a wedding photographer in Europe and the USA: what is the way to correctly create timing? How to organize a wedding the best way? What are the best places for photo shooting? How to get cool wedding photoshoot cool which results in getting wonderful wedding photos? I decided to make an overview with tips for newlyweds who decided to organize own wedding either themselves or while using the organizers’ help in order to provide them with each method benefits. I’ll share my 5 years of experience and tell the facts I usually share with my customers during private consultations to help you organize a great wedding photoshoot.

WEDDING PHOTOSHOOTI’ll tell you all the wedding day stages features to pay attention to from both wedding photographer’s and organizer’s, coordinator’s or other participants’ points of view. Let’s consider possible wedding photographer’s services, their relevance, and necessity.

A wedding is a celebration of two loving people who make it for themselves, first of all, from my point of view. Therefore, the newlyweds should enjoy their time, be relaxed and really enjoy the whole process. Unfortunately, rather often it turns into a hassle with a lot of unforeseen circumstances. That is the reason I try to correctly create timing at the first meeting while considering all the features or even enlist the organizers’ support, even more, experienced in this.

Traditional wedding morning

wedding photoshootI’ve visited a lot of various weddings due to my profession, therefore my recommendation for you is to organize a traditional wedding morning since it is like a preface or introduction to a book about the whole wedding day – their absence will result in misunderstanding of the event. Recently, I try to convey the entire wedding day history, from beginning to end, the bride and groom morning preparations are rather an important part of such stories. There is an opportunity to introduce the viewer, who will view the photos and comment on them while commenting on the vents and things he looks at.

wedding photoshootEither a hotel room, a rented apartment or a private apartment or a house can be chosen as an event place. Suppose you choose a hotel room. You rent a room to carry out a wedding morning. Besides we have an opportunity to hold a wedding photoshoot at the hotel and rather often there is an opportunity to stay the night there. It’s rather a convenient option both relatives- and parents-free since everyone at home tells you what to do and what way at your wedding. Therefore you are forced to worry about the way to please everyone instead of enjoying the moment which you have been preparing and planning for so long.

wedding photoshootWedding details. Beautiful apartments provide an opportunity to take pictures of all your wedding details, including dress, shoes, jewelry, bridal bouquet, suit and groom’s attributes. All these things contribute to the wedding day atmosphere and they must be told about at the beginning of the story. I pay great attention to wedding details and décor during both wedding morning and throughout wedding day since such pictures form and convey the wedding style atmosphere.


Couple meeting or «first meeting» photoshoot

wedding photoshootA wonderful event to be conveyed very in a beautiful and emotional way. The bridegroom is waiting for the bride while relatives and friends who see the bride coming down the stairs are located in front of him. Even such a simple way provides a photographer with a great opportunity to capture the bridegroom’s emotions and excitement before she touches his shoulder and he turns around to see her, as well as bride’s excitements and guests’ views including the event place atmosphere.


Wedding walk

wedding photoshootEveryone is very worried about the places for photo shoots striving to visit different city’s parts while spending several hours in traffic jams in order to get unique pictures in some kind of unusual places, with a bunch of incomprehensible props dictated by the certain year fashion not related to you or your love story. It will be better focusing on the couple’s emotions towards each other, wedding timings convenience, as well as a couple, ’s the feelings and tenderness to each other.

You’ll get sincere, tender and real pictures if you are relaxed, do not argue anywhere and do not worry about anything. 2-3 hours wedding walk time will provide you with an opportunity to make a photo session in two locations. One location is the hotel interior, where you spent your wedding morning or another interior you like or have some kind of pleasant experience or history. Besides, this location is required in the event of bad weather conditions including rain. The second location – nature is usually planned to visit later in the afternoon. Such photos usually convey the soft and warm sunset atmosphere. Besides a great option is a wedding photo shoot after having the first table, when the main exciting moments of the wedding day are left behind and the couple is most relaxed, therefore this is the best time to take wedding pictures.

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding PhotoshootI recommend hiring two 2 photographers to ensure getting more emotional and alive photos. It’s better to apply to organizers or decorators to help with your wedding ceremony style choice and organization.

Important features to be aware of:

  • Invite your guests to the wedding ceremony instead of bringing all of them with you all day long. While being a photographer, I pay special attention to the couple and their feelings at the first half of the wedding day while the second half of the wedding day is devoted to the guests, friends, and relatives. My goal is taking a lot of group and individual portraits and reportage frames.
  • Table arrangements for outdoors and glasses of champagne should not overlap the wedding arch.
  • it’s better locating the wedding back to the sun which contributes to the light hitting couple’s faces evenly a convenient way for them.
  • Wedding PhotoshootIt is better to locate groomsman, bridesmaids, and master of ceremonies slightly more to the right or left than the wedding arch itself under which the couple will stand under.
  • The master of ceremonies should read the text previously agreed with you carefully, slower, as long as possible since this is the most valuable time used by a photographer to shoot your guests, couples, parents’ emotions, the general ceremony, including decor, close-up of the couple, the process of going out and rings exchange as well as couple’s emotions. It’s rather difficult to shoot all this for 3-4 minutes, but the ceremony is often the most basic wedding budget component, therefore it is rather strange when the whole wedding ceremony takes just 7-10 minutes.
  • The bridegroom is in a hurry to reach the wedding arch. It is better to go slowly, enjoy the moment in order to provide us with an opportunity to take pictures of this beautiful moment including guests’ reaction.
  • The bride can’t hurry sue to her dress length since she is forced to watch her step to avoid falling. It is better going slower while refusing from watching step and look ahead while enjoying the moment and anticipate a solemn event.
  • While exchanging the rings, it is better for the bride to give the wedding bouquet to her bridesmaid or someone standing near of her to avoid closing the rings exchange process.

Wedding Timing

So, here is provided a short wedding timing or wedding day schedule. The current information is just informational and may be changed individually according to your wishes and locations:

10 hours of sleep will ensure you with an opportunity to be in a good mood on your wedding day, avoid under-eye bags as well as looking tired)

9 am – 11 am: hairstyle;

11 am – 12 pm: make-up;

12 pm — 1.00 pm: photoshoot of the bride alone, the bride with her parents or bridesmaids at the hotel room;

1.00 pm — 2.00 pm: Newlyweds meeting;

2.00 pm — 4.00 pm: Wedding couple photoshoot at a hotel and while visiting nature;

4.00 pm — 4.30 pm: Wedding ceremony;

4.30 pm — 5.00 pm: Photoshoot with guests and relatives.

5.00 pm — 10.00 pm: banquet (6.30-19.00 — sunset couple nature photo shoot)

2 months of waiting photos 🙂

Pre-wedding photoshoot

Love Story photoshootI provide my customers with prewedding or love story photoshoot opportunity, just to realize each other’s wishes with photographer in order to ensure further relax behavior at the wedding and to convince the bride and bridegroom the wedding photoshoot is not an issue, but just an opportunity to have fun, which contributes to getting both more vivid and alive photos. Such shooting showing during the wedding banquet in the slideshow form will become a great bonus for the guests. The love story for me is the one framed by pictures but not a strictly orchestrated one. This is a set of bright, cool, emotional pictures to delight you for lots of years. I highly recommend making love story and wedding at different times of the year, since it will be especially interesting to watch. Love story photoshoots examples are available by this link.

Wedding books

Wedding photobook, photobookI invite my clients to arrange their wedding in a wedding book. For me, it’s like a painting by an artist in a stretcher. The wedding photos story in the printing form. This product will delight you for many years and looks much better than the electronic version, according to my clients’ opinions. My task is making the book in your wedding style to provide a person absent on the wedding day to immerse into the wedding celebration atmosphere. Besides a wedding book will become a great gift for parents and relatives, confirming their important role in your life.

Additional Wedding Features to be aware of

  • It would be nice to take care of the second bridegroom’s boutonniere or to wear the first one before the ceremony. Almost in 90% cases, there is a chance the boutonniere will be touched by the bride during the photo shoot or will become wilted which will result in an inappropriate look for a further photoshoot.
  • The bridal bouquet should be kept around the hips on an outstretched arm, or in the waist area with a slightly bent arm to avoid covering the dress and neckline. Rather often the bride holds bridal bouquet at chest level with a bent elbow since it is easier.
  • It is advisable to sew the bridegroom’s suit pockets and fit the belt.
  • The bride should gently touch the bridegroom’s shoulders; otherwise, it is likely that the dark suit will leave traces of the bride’s makeup.
  • It is better bringing hairspray with you, especially if you have not strictly collected hairstyle, despite the hairdressers’ and stylists’ convictions it will be fixed all day long since my wedding shooting experience shows confirms the hairstyle is falling apart even before the first bridegroom, therefore it looks a completely different way at the ceremony.
  • Spare shoes for the bride: it’s better to have ballet shoes or wedge-heeled shoes for walking in the woods or for not-asphalted areas in order to avoid heels falling into the ground and getting dirty.
  • Bedspread or blanket to have an opportunity to sit somewhere in a beautiful place if required.
  • Warn guests to avoid paying attention to the photographers, in order to get more sincere and alive pictures. 🙂

I shared this information with you in order to provide you with an opportunity to choose and order an experienced wedding photographer able to help you with advice on all the issues. You will define yourself whether to choose expensive or cheap, professional wedding photography. But real professionals’ services require worthy payment, therefore it’s better to choose the one you really like to avoid regret in future while getting wedding pictures since your wedding pictures perception in ten, twenty or thirty years depends on the photographer only. I follow the best experts and trends around the world which allows me to provide you with fresh ideas and solutions for weddings and love stories to make your wedding special and unique.

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